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Equine Dentistry

Equine Dentistry

Equine Dentistry

  • Author: Gordon J. Baker, Jack Easley
  • publisher: W.B. Saunders
  • Year: 2000 (1 Edition)
  • Languages: Ingles
  • dimensions: Width 20.0 cms., Height 25.0 cms.
  • Weight: 1100 grs
  • ISBN: 0-7020-2392-2
  • ISBN 13: 9780702023927
  • Book pages: 278
  • Book binding: board
  • colour: colour
  • Availability: On demand

Price: 162.27€ VAT included

This book is the most comprehensive and definitive text available on the subject, covering all aspects of dentistry in horses and foals. The first section reviews dental morphology, with chapters on anatomy, physiology, including trauma, oral and dental tumors and periodontic disease. This is followed by a section on diagnostic techniques, including clinical examination and imaging. The final section provides comprehensive details on all dental techniques, and includes clinical management and discussion of possible complications.

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