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Ferguson tractor story, The

Ferguson tractor story, The

Ferguson tractor story, The

  • autor: Stuart Gibbard
  • editorial: Old Pond Publishing
  • año: 2002 (1 edición)
  • idiomas: Ingles
  • dimensiones: ancho 22.0 cms., alto 28.0 cms.
  • peso: 1050 grs
  • ISBN: 1-903366-08-9
  • ISBN 13: 9781903366080
  • páginas: 168
  • encuadernación: cartoné
  • color: color
  • Disponibilidad: Bajo petición

P.V.P.: 45,00 € IVA incluido

The little grey Fergie was the machine that finally replaced the horse on many farms and it became Britain’s best-loved tractor. At the heart of its success lay its unique hydraulic system and three-point linkage – a concept that brought tractors and their equipment together as a unit. This highly illustrated account covers the full history of Harry Ferguson’s tractor developments from the Belfast plough, through the Ferguson-Brown and Ford Ferguson to the massive production run of the TE-20 at Banner Lane. The story concludes with the days of Massey-Harris-Ferguson and the FE35 tractor. Overseas production, prototypes, variants and industrials are fully covered, as is the use of Ferguson equipment around the world. In the course of his extensive research, Stuart Gibbard has unearthed much new archive material and has interviewed many of the surviving Ferguson personnel. He has been able to give a fresh insight into the development of the models and accurately chronicle the changing fortunes of the companies involved. The book also looks at Harry Ferguson, the Ferguson System and the implements that made up Ferguson's complete vision of mechanised farming.

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