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Differential diagnosis in sheep

Differential diagnosis in sheep

Differential diagnosis in sheep

  • Author: Hélder Quintas
  • publisher: Doctor Herriot
  • Year: 2022 (1 Edition)
  • Languages: Ingles
  • dimensions: Width 23.0 cms., Height 29.0 cms.
  • Weight: 1600 grs
  • ISBN: 84-09-38757-3
  • ISBN 13: 9788409387571
  • Book pages: 256
  • Book binding: board
  • colour: colour
  • Availability: In stock

Price: 65.00€ VAT included

33 reputed international experts go over the main pathologies of the ovine livestock, emphasising the details that identify them for their differential diagnosis, aetiology, clinical and laboratory diagnosis. dr.Herriot publishes this practical guide to help farm veterinarians in their daily practice, by offering a reliable, concise and user-friendly reference source. It comprises the latest updated information, written in English for a wider international diffusion. Its innovative content is organised by body systems in 19 chapters. It features comparative and explicative tables that help the farm veterinarian to establish on the spot the differences between pathologies with similar symptoms. Numerous images, figures and diagrams provide the essential information to reach an accurate definitive diagnosis. This book is the result of Dr. Hélder Quintas' collaboration with the Ruminants Clinical Service of the University of Zaragoza. It was made possible thanks to the joint work and the contacts made through the European College of Small Ruminant Health Management (ECSRHM). The final result is a reference work in which 33 of the biggest experts on small ruminants in the world have taken part, many of them doctors or European Diplomates, born in Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Brazil, the United States of America, Canada and Australia. In the words of Ian Gill, President of the International Sheep Veterinary Association, “it is over 20 years since Gareth Bath and Jan de Wet produced their book on Sheep and Goat Diseases (…) and much progress has been made in the field of diagnosis of sheep diseases since then, so this book is a welcome addition.” Veterinarians, students and agronomists will find this book to be an invaluable source of knowledge, both theoretical and practical, and a priceless tool to improve the clinical performance and to increase the diagnostic success rates. Now on sale at dr.Herriot's website, the publishing house responsible for editing this work.

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